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We are a trusted, authorised workshop offering a complete range of Scooter services. Our work is professional and comes with a guarantee. Including: Logbook Services, Repairs, Tyres and more. Bookings are preferred, follow the link to get in contact with us.

Accessories are a great way to get the most out of your Ride. Helmets, Top Boxes, Surf Racks, Rain Gear, Gloves, Oil, Tyres, Scooter Accessories and more. Enquires welcome.

Our second hand scooters are serviced and detailed prior to being offered for sale. All scooters come with a warranty and after sale care, giving our customers peace of mind in their used purchase. Browse in-store or online.

What our customers say about us:

  • After sales service is second to none. Adam and his team are super stars in every respect. Also, I've never seen a cleaner bike shop in my life. It's wonderful!
    Leah Jet
  • Excellent, because of integrity & attention to detail. I'm 60 and my daughter and I both appreciate the good service and kind concern.
    Hillary Here
  • Awesome guys. Who definately know what they are doing. I recommend anyone to come down.
    Shan Wright
  • Very reliable. These guys are perfect DOCTORS for scooters.
    Ron Parmar
  • "I sprung a leak in my petrol tank while on my way to work. I contacted Adam and within half an hour my vespa was picked up, keys collected from my workplace and best of all the Vespa was returned to my workplace.... all repaired...complete with plenty of petrol, before I finished my shift. All this at no cost as my scooter had been serviced 2 days before....I offered to pay but Adam would not hear of it. I cannot remember ever having such fantastic service. Needless to say both our scooters and future purchases will be from Adams' ScooterShop.
    Sas Coom
  • If you ever think about enjoying the freedom a scooter can give you on this busy Coast, then 'The Scooter Shop' is the place to visit. Walk in to this shop and you will be pleasantly surprised by the decent old fashioned genuine service you receive. Adam and staff give you full attention without taking phone calls every minute like most shops. I've dealt with other Scooter shops here on the Coast and i can honestly say no one else comes close to a fair deal and peace of mind servicing. As a final comment i would like to say this place has given me the best service I've ever struck from anywhere in my 50 plus years, and no, i have absolutely no connection to the staff or shop; just a genuinely happy satisfied customer.
    Mike Musson
  • If you're after a scooter for cheap commuting or tonnes of fun The Scooter Shop is hands down the best place to go, the owner Adam is a top guy I've known for 5 years & provides the best customer services & affordable prices. I've owned 3 mopeds & the Aprilias I've found are the Ferrari of scooters. You can't beat em. Give The Scooter Shop a call or pop in & they'll be more then happy to help you & get you on the road with your personal favourite scooter.
    Benji Darmanin
  • The best shop the best service you can get. Awesome.
    Dinko Butkovic
  • Great Service and amazing customer service. Highly recommended. Thank you Adam for the help.
    Walter Muzazaila
  • Hi my name is Ben and I'm a Scooter-holic. It's been one week since I bought my last performance part and still I hunger for more and more! Adam is a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. The "scooter whisperer" was able to help me diagnose faults on my scooter online, and helped set me up with a killer exhaust system, suspension riser and more. Only praise from this return customer.
    Benjamin Arthur
  • Well, I went into the scooter shop fully intending to buy a SR50R off them and spoke to both the owner and the salesman on two separate days. As it happened I didnt end up buying the bike off them only because I found a used one with only a few kilometers on it 4 a price I couldn't refuse. I have also spoken to them on a few occasions and I can only say how friendly and how helpfull they have been. I'm going to get the 70cc upgrade real soon and I take it that will only lead to other things getting done to it. Thanks 4 putting up with all my questions boys. There's alot of sharks out there but these guys r the real macoy.
    Mark Zerafa
  • Thanks to Adam and the boys at scooter shop they are reliable and amazing, my scooter had issues due to bad fuel from a known service station on the Gold Coast and the boys pin pointed and fixed the issue in record time and they also picked up the scooter from home. I will definitely be purchasing another scooter in future from them thanks again.
    Jay Ahrens
  • I love you guys, thank you for being reliable, thorough, efficient, trustworthy and so caring. Your knowledge is exceptional and staff are so friendly. Thanks Adam Lowe especially, you're awesome!!
    Rachel Wasiak